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To all the staff at the Ramona Nursing and Rehabilitation Center,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. My father was in your care for the past six months. During that time, everyone, and especially the nurses in his room, have shown him tremendous love, warmth, and compassion. Even though he was fighting cancer, he was able to enjoy a wonderful quality of life because of you. We are so grateful for your team. Please know that we will always appreciate what you have done for us and hold you in high esteem in our hearts.

Mary L.


The facility has a very warm and cozy atmosphere, and it looks more like a family home than an institution. It’s a warm feeling I get when I visit Ramona and see that my mom is being well cared for and that she is clean and well-attended. Her room is always neat and clean as well. My mom worked as a nurse’s aide in a nursing home for 30 years, and she finds herself in good hands and appreciates the professional attention she receives. My concerns about my mother’s care at Ramona are muted when I think of the great care she is receiving.

Felicitas A.


The staff is very patient and showed a genuine concern for my brother-in-law’s welfare. There were many days and nights we received calls from the nurses that kept us informed to his progress. Even the cafeteria staff provided good care. The nurses have a soothing manner. I would also like to thank the administration for their help, expertise, and skill during my endless questions. Your competent staff knew exactly what to do. Our family wishes to express our heartfelt appreciation for the kindness and excellent care Julio received during his stay.

Max P.


I was distressed to learn my aunt needed a facility to help with her situation. After asking for recommendations, Ramona received a high mark. I had contacted numerous facilities in the area and I must admit from the initial get-go at Ramona, the admission process, thoroughness of information, and assistance in responding to my inquiries were most assuring and professional. Just a few days later when we arrived, everything was all ready! I was most impressed with the cheery presentation of the unit, a departure of what I observed at the other skilled nursing facilities I had visited. Ramona seemed much cleaner and fresher. The thoroughness of the nursing staff in reviewing and questioning the transferred medical records gave me an even greater feeling of confidence in my choice. The responsiveness of physicians, attentiveness to get my aunt into the activity and community rooms to brighten her day, and her reported ease of being has relieved the weight of such an unpleasant task on our family and has assured us that she is in good care. I am quite pleased.

Michael J. M., Esq


The one thing that your facility does best is in the hiring of CNAs, RNs, LVNs, treatment nurses, therapists, and all other help. The CNAs were especially helpful as they got to know my mother, her habits, and could recognize if she wasn’t feeling well. The spa attendants made my mother feel not only clean, but pampered and special. Your music programs lighten everyone’s day and make a nice break in the week. Your therapy department is also a wonderful service, and those employees are so patient and kind. Your care of my mother was very good. My thanks to all the nurses and staff for their kindness, patience, and consideration.

Guillermina G Family


I have been pleasantly surprised at the way your facility has taken care of my mother and aunt. Our doctor recommended Ramona, saying it was a good facility, and when I visited I was surprised at how friendly and patient the staff was with me. The nurses seem to genuinely care about my mother and aunt. They are treated very well, and I am at ease when I leave them. The morale in the whole facility is uplifting, and when I am down, the staff’s spirits bring me back up. The music, conversation, and activities help keep them going. I think the activities staff does a great job!

Catherine L


The therapy department is the best! If my husband had been sent to your facility first, he would be walking right now. The food here is the best I’m sure of any facility. The staff from the top down couldn’t be more courteous, caring, and patient. Thank you for being here when I needed you!

Barbara S.


All of the staff members at Ramona are wonderful. The nurses, therapists, administrative staff, and countless others went out of their way to be kind, caring, and provide outstanding care. When our mother had healed sufficiently to leave, she was in the best health she has been in a very long time – and she could walk!!! We wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Juana A. Family